W E   A R E   S O L I C I T A T I O N  R E G I S T R A T I O N   E X P E R T S

Why spend countless hours completing state solicitation applications when you could be focusing on your cause. Smart Charity specializes in fulfilling nonprofit solicitation registrations requirements for charitable organizations nationwide.

We are experts when it comes to complying with each state regulatory statute. From filing initial applications and renewing existing ones, to tracking key deadlines and corresponding with the states, we do it all. What’s more… we handle all registration due date extension requests without any extra charge.

Our satisfied clients range from small to multi-million dollar charities and support a plethora of missions including youth development, medical, religious, sport-related and educational causes, etc… Our customized approach ensures that you minimize your expenses by identifying any exemptions that your organization may qualify for and keep you compliant to avoid any late fees. We take pride in delivering excellence at every step of our proven process.

If your nonprofit requires a local address to solicit for donations within a state, we have selected and negotiated discounted rates with commercial registered agents that are domiciled all around the Unites States. By outsourcing your fundraising registrations, you will have the assurance that you are fully compliant with each state solicitation requirements.

 M  E  E  T    T  H  E    O  W  N  E  R  S

Celine offers her clients the benefit of more than 15 years of extensive business experience working with private and public organizations. She has the distinctive ability of simplifying complex problems into easy to digest solutions. This skill is particularly valuable when it comes to guiding charitable organizations with their state registration process.

Prior to establishing Smart Charity, Celine worked for medium and Fortune 500 companies of different industries in various leadership functions ranging from Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Communications. While working in the corporate world, Celine was instrumental in creating new divisions and brands, securing multi-million dollars accounts and successfully implementing new processes to generate efficiencies and decrease costs.

She has always taken a great interest in charitable functions and led a number of innovative philanthropic, volunteering and donations efforts for her corporate organizations. She has also held several active positions with a myriad of industry associations as an Ideation Committee Chair and as a Director. Celine graduated from the University of Sophia Antipolis, France with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing and a Master’s degree in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland.