O U R   S O L I C I T A T I O N   R E G I S T R A T I O N   S E R V I C E S

Each state government has a vested interest in protecting the public and ensuring that charitable organizations conduct their business and solicit donations for rightful purposes. With this main objective in mind and to avoid fraudulent activities, approximately 41 States require charities and their fundraisers to register and disclose financial and key information to the public. The registering process can be delicate, tedious, costly, time consuming and requires a thorough understanding of statutory regulations.

Smart Charity offers a complete solution for your state registrations needs. Whether you need to register from the first time, renew your registration or file for an extension or exemption, we will handle it fully on your behalf. We understand that your compliance with the state regulations should be made easy on your charitable organization and your staff and we will act as your extended team to process your registrations on an annual basis.

Initial Registration

Renewal Filing

Exemption Applications

Business License

Registered Agents


✓ Organize all of your required documents and critical information

✓ Determine which states registrations needs to be filed or renewed 

Review your IRS form 990 and extract all needed information

Prepare each application consistently across all states

Calculate the correct cost of statutory fees with each form 

Set up logins and passwords for online registrations

✓ Track all states deadlines and registration numbers

Correspond with the states on your behalf and address any revisions

Draft letters for each state to submit applications

✓ Maintain a database for all registrations and state certifications

✓ Complete exemption forms if you qualify

File extensions for your applications free of charge

Provide all supplemental attachments with each state form

Send completed applications with instructions to customer

Keep on file all confirmed registrations

✓ Track the status of submitted registrations and record completion

Arrange for registered agents for states that require them

Stay apprised of regulatory requirements and amended forms

Prepay state fees for online registrations and printed applications

Secure or cancel a business license if required

O U R   S I M P L E   P R I C I N G   F O R M U L A

We charge a flat rate per charitable state registration per year and an attractive discounted rate for nationwide registrations.

Our pricing is exclusive of state filing fees, postage and registered agent fees. If you require commercial registered agents, we have negotiated the best rates in the industry with one of our valued partners.

To find out about our rates and further discuss our exceptional level of service, contact us today.