E X E M P T I O N S   G U I D E L I N E S

You will find that most states allow specific groups of nonprofits registration exemptions.

The type of organizations that are typically exempted from registering with the states range from religious and educational institutions, political, health and veterans’ organizations to entities with revenue below a certain threshold. However, the definition for each of these categories are different depending on each jurisdiction. For instance an organization that has revenue below $25,000 may be exempt in several states but not in others.

In addition, even if your organization is exempted, some states might still require your organization to fill out an exemption request with supporting documents to justify your qualifications.

If you work with us, we will be able to guide you and determine if you are entitled to any of these exemptions and complete the appropriate documentation to ensure your compliance with the state.

We have created a job aid below to serve you as a high level guide to better understand the type of exemptions per state. Please note that these exemptions can be subject to change.